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Write fantastic online content optimised for
search engines and humans alike.

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SEYOH is free during the Alpha Phase but not all features and functions are available yet.

What can you do with SEYOH?

SEYOH helps you manage, organise and write search engine optimised content.

Content Manager

Create projects and organise your content and documents.

SEO Content Editor

Write natural sounding content and avoid keyword stuffing.

Keywords Manager

Select, manage and track your keywords within our editor.

Autosave Function

Everthing you type is auto-saved, never lose a single word.

Readability Score

Improve and optimise your content
for human readability.

Grammar & Spelling Check

This one goes without saying, we obviously cover the basics.


  • Write SEO optimised content
  • Content score prediction
  • Reduce bounce rate
  • Content Auto save
  • Export in different file formats
  • Check Keyword density
  • Improve human readability
  • Content Schedule Calendar
  • Monitor and track your content
  • Notes and Memory Board
  • Invite to proofread
  • ...

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