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The Team behind SEYOH

The team behind SEYOH met at a startup tech MeetUp in Auckland, New Zealand. A shared passion for language and words plus a good amount of beer led to an engaged conversation. Exchanging experiences of their past projects and future ideas, both agreed that getting enough traffic to their websites is one of the keys to success.

Working for a web agency that builds websites for customers, Daniel had developed a workflow around keyword research and content writing that resulted in the final websites ranking well on search engines. While this process was reliable and replicable across projects, it required a lot of time and effort. Multiple excel lists had to be prepared, text documents, scripts and other tools be used to get the final content.

Wondering if there was a way to combine the different steps and processes into one automated online procedure, set the scene for the idea for SEYOH. As highly skilled and experienced developer, James had an instant vision of how to make it happen. Many storming sessions (and beers) plus a pile of crumpled papers later and the idea started to take shape. Adding a couple of thousands lines of code and the beta version was launched.



We started using the beta version of the SEYOH app to write content for our website. It feels solid, unfortunately not all functions are available yet. We are looking forward to see how the content performs once we launch our website.

Managing Director

I have known one of the founders for a while. When I told him about my new www.nz.photos project, he offered to help with the content writing using their new SEYOH software (before the official beta launch). From what we have seen so far, we are very happy with the results.