We are online

We are online

After months of hard work we managed to get our SEYOH content writing software to a early beta stage. And how to better celebrate the birth of our new online tool than launching our www.SEYOH.com website!

To keep things tidy and under control during the early beta, we decided to work with invite only. Once we have finished the first round off user tests and have had the chance to review and work on the feedback, we will announce the open beta launch.

For anyone that has received an early beta access (you lucky chipmunk!) to our software, please note that at this stage not all features and functions are available. We are still working on some of the core functions and some features will be off and on during the next weeks.

We appreciate all feedback, input, complaints and or (hopefully) praise for our SEYOH application. Your review will help us to make our software even better.

Stay tuned, more news will come soon.