SEYOH you say, what does it do?

SEYOH you say, what does it do?

Well, that is a fair question. Let’s address it. The short answer is, SEYOH is an online content writing software. The long answer goes as follows.

SEYOH is an online text editor that helps users to write great online content. SEYOH helps to optimise your text to make it perform well on search engines. But SEYOH makes also sure at the same time, that the text is user-friendly and easy to read by human readers too.

It is important to know and understand how search engines expect a good text to look like. Meeting those reqirements is essential to perform well on Google. Sometimes this can lead to over-optimisation, and the text is less convenient to read for the human audience. The overall goal should always be to optimise the content for humans.

The better a piece of content is optimised for human readers, the more likely they are to finish the read. If the finish, they spend more time on the website and Google believes that the content must be fantastic and exactly what the user was looking for. This is one of the criteria to rank well.

So content has to be optimised for both, search engines (robots) and humans. But how can SEYOH help with that? Great question. Writing content for many customer websites allows us to gather valuable information. We got deep insights into what makes some content rank better than others. We have combined this knowledge and process, translated it into several thousand lines of code and gave it the name SEYOH.

SEYOH is basically your digital content writing assistant, guiding you with tips, tricks, recommendations, notifications and warnings how you can optimise your content, while you write. Isn’t that great (we at least think so).

But enough of all this self-praise, why don’t you create an account and try for yourself. Use our FREE TRIAL and let SEYOH help you.

Let us know what you think.