Content Writing Tools

Keywords Manager

The keywords manager is an essential part of our SEYOH content writing software. The keywords you chose will be used by our AI to measure the quality of your content and optimise it for search engines. You can set and change keywords by simply entering them into the respective fields in the editor.
Way more effective and recommended by us, is to upload a list of keywords in excel format. You can generate a list using the Google Keywords Tool which is part of Google Adwords. Once uploaded, our AI will work its magic, filter and group the keywords and create a recommended list.

Check Keyword Density

The opinions are split on keyword density as measures for great online content. Some believe in it, others dont. SEO and marketing experts are in general certain that there is no magical percentage that guarantees great ranking. While we agree with them, we think that the keyword density still plays a partial role.
Imagine you have a 1000 words long piece of content of which each word is your keyword … you won’t expect Google to rank your page (rather penalise it). On the other hand, if your target keyword doesn’t show up at all, your content won’t be ranked either. While there is not a fix percentage, there is a keyword density range that helps search engines and natural for human readers. Keyword stuffing has to be avoided at all times. Our AI makes sure you stay within a healthy range.

Realtime SEO Forecast

Another core function of our SEYOH software is the realtime search engine optimisation. Building websites and writing content for customers was of great help. The experience taught us that content has a chance to rank better if certain criteria was fulfilled.
The goal of our software is to improve the overall chance of your content to perform well. Our SEYOH quality score helps to predict the content quality before it is published. We track and monitor the content. This allows our AI to become smarter and more accurate with each extra piece of content.

Readability Score

This feature focuses on making the content more digestible by human readers. The algorithm behind it analyses the content and gives recommendations. Adding paragraphs, subtitles, or images lightens the text and makes it less daunting. This will have a positive effect on the bounce rate, helping to reduce it.
A user-friendly content layout, increases the chance that your audience will continue reading the text till the end. The readability score also helps to optimise the length of your sentences. Short and easy to read sentences have a positive effect on the text. The AI keeps an eye on the overall complexity of your content and makes sure it doesn't read like a NASA rocket manual.

Grammar & Spelling Check

What would an online content editor be without a standard grammar and spelling check? SEYOH checks your content for basic grammar and spelling mistakes. On top of the basic checks, it provides alternatives and synonyms that might work better for your content.
While our software offers a lot of assistance with optimising the content, it is not able to write it for you. It still requires some writing skill and general sense of continuity and consistency. In other words, SEYOH cannot transform a block of unrelated words into great content.

Content Export

The content is written and ready to be used? You have a couple of options how to proceed. You could copy the text right from the editor and paste it into the destination location. Alternatively and more elegantly, export the content into your preferred file format for example TXT or HTML.
If you export the text into HTML, all your font format changes are exported as well. You can also just queue up the content for latering, using the calendar feature. Choose to receive a reminder on its due date or get it sent to you (or your teams inbox) to be processed.


We started using the beta version of the SEYOH app to write content for our website. It feels solid, unfortunately not all functions are available yet. We are looking forward to see how the content performs once we launch our website.

Managing Director

I have known one of the founders for a while. When I told him about my new www.nz.photos project, he offered to help with the content writing using their new SEYOH software (before the official beta launch). From what we have seen so far, we are very happy with the results.