Content Writing Tools

Content Manager

Websites need a lot of content. The essential content for the about page, company philosophy, product pages, FAQ area or landing pages just to name a few. On top of that, it is the ongoing blog content that drives a lot of traffic to a website.
Depending on your content management system or internal workflows, writing and organising content can be frustrating and tedious. Having built and managed multiple websites for customers and ourselves, we know the struggles.
SEYOH allows you to organise and manage all your content in one location. No need to send back-and-forth content via email, or looking through shared folders and directories for the latest version of a document. Select your project in the dashboard and get a list of all content items within.
The project dashboard shows the status of the content pages, the keywords they have been optimised for and the content quality score.

SEO Content Editor

While you write, our algorithm checks the input and gives recommendations for improvements.
If you get easily distracted and prefer to focus on your content, you can choose to hide the notifications. Finish your content and show/edit the results at the end.
SEYOH distinguishes between optimisation for search engines and optimisation for humans.
The first one is everything that helps to make Google and co like and understand your content. This includes for example having a meta title and description, the prevention of keyword stuffing and the right use of your keywords etc.
The second part tracks the readability for humans, making the text more easily digestible, for example, sub-titles, paragraphs or images. A nice to read text will keep your audience long on your website which has a positive effect on your ranking.