How it works

Write SE Optimised Content


Start with a new project

The dashboard is the first page you seen after you login. Start by naming your project.

Click on the "edit" icon next to the default project name and give your project a name.

Screenshot of the Seyoh Content Manager Dashboard


Create a new document
Screenshot of a New Document in the SEYOH Editor

Click on the New Document button to open a new content page in our editor.

You will notice that the screen is split in half. The sidebar on the left contains the keyword section and content quality check area.

On the right are the input fields for the document title, post url, meta title and description and the main content text-area box.


Select your keywords and settings

Start by giving your document a name.

Time to select the keywords for which your content shall be optimised.

Click on the plus icon under keywords in the sidebar and enter your main keyword.

You can add some alternative keywords and synonyms. We recommend to use less than 5.

Screenshot of the SEYPOH Sidebar and Setup


Time to start writing your content
Screenshot of the Seyoh Content Manager Dashboard

Enter the chosen slug/page URL for your final content.

Come up with a compelling meta title and description.

While writing the main content, you can follow the guidance of our content check in real time.

Or you can hide the sidebar (under Editor in menu) if you prefer to finish writing your content without distraction.


Optimise and improve your content

While you have been busy writing, SEYOH was busy too.

Our algorithm checks your content input and lists all key requirements which should be met to rank well.

Follow the suggestions in the sidebar to optimise your content for search engines and improve the readability for your audience.

Once finished, you can copy the text or full HTML.

Screenshot of the SEYPOH Sidebar and Setup